Rihanna has started rocking North America with her 6th tour Anti since March 2016 and she is going to keep glamorizing many other performances in other countries as well. As one of her biggest fans I was also very excited to see her for the fourth time (First two in Istanbul, Turkey and last two in LA). Even though with her latest Manolo and Fenty collection she impressed her fans, our love to her maximized after she announced that she will be donating up to 50K for students who cannot afford college. However, I was really disappointed with Rihanna herself and her concert performance on her Anti World Tour. Unfortunately knowing 95% of her songs and being amazed with the whole Anti album didn’t help much as well.

Here are the 5 reasons why you didn’t miss anything from the ‘Anti’:

1- Poor Performance

Knowing Rihanna since 2006 and following her closely during her growth period has allowed me to tell that she was not 100% on the stage in Los Angeles. Most of the time audience had to listen her previous records instead of her actual voice. Unfortunately she wasn’t even afraid to make it obvious that she is not the one on microphone most of the time. The show was focused on dancers, colors and unnecessary foams instead of her voice and her legendary songs. I remember when she was in Istanbul at 2010 for ‘Last Girl on Earth’ Tour, she was dancing, and performing on her fullest which fulfilled the audience with passion and joy for 3 hours. In the same concert, the crew also made a confetti rain during her RiHit, ‘Umbrella’ which she had an unforgettable performance. I guess this time they implemented a bubbly foam which suppose to be  entertaining for us, the audience.

Particularly in Los Angeles there were two concert dates. Drake appeared for those who are ‘lucky’ on May 4 performance. Unfortunately the first day attendees had to be satisfied with Travis Scott only.

In other words, competing with world stars such as Beyoncé or Katy Perry, I found Rihanna’s performance very poor and dispassionate.

2- Watching the grass grow… (If you know what I mean)

The actual concert time was 7.30 PM but fans barely got to see Rihanna past 9.30. It even took Travis Scott to come up to the stage an hour and he performed approximately for half an hour only! For a 1 hour and 15 minutes Rihanna concert, you need to wait 2 hours for Rihanna. And she is the only reason why 98% of the audience is there. Right?

3- What about the le-gen-dary songs of Rihanna?

The concert started with hits from her latest album Anti, continued with her pop-rap hits and older songs and she finalized with songs from albums Anti and Unapologetic. But, what happened to the ‘We found love’? Did she really need to make a remix with Calvin Harris’s ‘How Deep Is Your Love’? Isn’t the song itself is a RiHit which has millions (and more than ‘How Deep Is Your Love’) of followers? Aren’t the fans are there to listen Rihanna’s song instead of Calvin Harris’?  Also when she was singing her current top list song ‘Work’, it felt like a regular song of hers rather than a RiHit which made it to number 1 on Billboard hot 100 for 9 weeks. The song ‘Umbrella’ wasn’t performed passionately as well even though it is the song which supported her worldwide recognition.

4-The real ‘Real’ Bossy

Everyone can easily tell Rihanna is a boss herself, in her personal life, everything she touches and creates. I believe, her attitude also helped her to capture her audience and success in her field as well. However, during her concert, she was too bossy to her fans this time. To the fans who made her, and who helped her to become ‘Rihanna’ today. It was really hard to observe that shy, proud and passionate woman we love to see.

5-Travis Scott??

Before I bought my ticket, I had to check online who Travis Scott was and actually I barely got to figure out who was he during his performance. Even though he is a very promising rapper, it was really hard to find a connection with Rihanna and him. After waiting for 2 hours for Rihanna, I realized I paid for Travis Scott’s performance as well unintentionally.

In sum, if you are a Rihanna fan like me, you might consider waiting for the next tour. If you are not her fan but just want to see a world icon’s performance on Anti World Tour, decision is yours!