Here’s Everything About LA Beer Fest

It’s that time of the year!

LA Beer Fest is going to take place in Downtown this weekend on Saturday. If you haven’t been before, it’s your chance to discover this fun filled event with your friends and experience it for your first time this year!

For the last 5 years, LA Beer Fest has been introducing a number of domestic and international drafts on tap to LA locals. This year LA Beer Fest is going to take place for the 8th time with over 200 different beers for your tastebuds! It is most likely that you will not be able to try all these different beers but after a couple of different ones you will start to feel the real party!

There are two sessions which are between noon and 3pm or 5pm and 8pm. Since they strictly don’t refund or exchange the tickets make sure you plan with your friends ahead and buy the same session together. Buy your tickets online and just enjoy the fun!

General admission is $48 which includes beer tasting. Recently, this year, they also added Connoisseur tickets which you can buy for $86. These tickets include private bathrooms, event t-shirts and some exclusive beer tastings. It’s a great fun with friends anyway, so I would recommend just going with general admission tickets. There are also number of great food trucks right by the entrance and two different music bands for each session.

Last year they had a Photo Booth-which is my favorite-for you to take funny pictures when you are drunk and remember how much you had fun at the fest later. Also, get ready to wait in huge lines or play smart and start from the opposite or end of the tasting line.



La Center Studios (450 South Bixel Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017)


Saturday, April 9, 2016 with 2 sessions (noon-3pm or 5pm-8pm)


General Admission $48

Connaisseur Tickets $86

What to wear

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes since you will be standing for a long time. It may also rain and this event is rain or shine.

How to get there

If you are planning on drinking, I would recommend taking the train. You can also try Uber/Lyft. Even though parking is free because of the crowd and it is really tough.

If you like beer and you are a person who would enjoy a huge party with drunk people, you have to try LA Beer Fest this year!

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