They usually say cloudy weather is perfect for watching movies and eating popcorn. However, as the weekend comes closer, Los Angeles is a city which usually gets motivated by rainy days. I think hiking is another excellent choice for cloudy days as opposed to melting under the sun in hot days. I will share my latest discovery for the ones who like to spend their weekends outdoors. Even though I do not love hiking, I want to take you on a little adventure in Calabasas since it was really pretty on a partially cloudy day, when I first discovered this place.

It is located on top of the hills shortly after the Woodland Hills area-which is also referred to as ‘Hidden Hills’-  , located on the right side of the 101 freeway going northbound. I recognized a little roadway which reminded me of the path where the Prince’s take with their horses in the fairy tales. It looks like a mystical Disney cartoon movie location. It is really easy to recognize the hiking trail from the freeway with it’s charming view. Later, I figured it is also called ‘Modelo Trail Nag Loop’. However I still suggest that you should exit the freeway as soon as you recognize the amazing trail on the hills.

The hiking trail is pretty easy and not very long-3.9 miles/6.3 km-. Even for a person like me who doesn’t like hiking, it was pretty entertaining with interesting nature, huge trees and little pumpkins laid out in the nature. I guess that’s where the name ‘Calabasas’ comes from too.  According to one legend, in 1824 a rancher passing by the area with a wagon-load of pumpkins, spills the pumpkins on the road. The next spring locals recognize hundreds of pumpkins along side the road (“City History”). Then they named the area ‘Las Calabasas’ which means pumpkin in Spanish. Just like in the story, there are little pumpkins laid along the little trail.

The trail is pretty clean and not crowded at all!  You should only watch out for mountain bikers with high speed going down the hill.

As a result, this hiking is one of my favorite spots to be in rainy or cloudy days. Since the weekend looks like it’s going to be one of those cold ones, you should check out the hiking spot and get some fresh air out from the city pollution.

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Going Out on Friday?

Planning on going to the same boring bar again?

For the last two months, I have been looking for a new and fun place that we can spend our Friday nights out and about in LA. After spending several nights around the Melrose and La Cienega area; everything started to feel boring and overly planned. So, I decided to have a casual night-out in West Hollywood; and I just so happened to stumble my way across ‘No Vacancy’  where there was a ridiculous line at the door. So after opting out of a one hour long waiting we decided to give shot to the speakeasy right around corer named ‘Dirty Laundry’!

Later I found out ‘Dirty Laundry’ has been around since 2013 and it is owned by the Houston brothers, who are master of the LA entertainment scene by owning other staple bars like ‘La Descarga’, (also!) ‘No Vacancy’, ’Pour Vous’ and ‘Harvard&Stone’. Just like their other places, Dirty Laundry has a very hidden and exciting entrance. Additionally it is right by ‘No Vacancy’ which makes you check out its line and be thankful that you are not going to be dealing with waiting in long lines on a Friday night . It might be hard to find the location since its entrance is in the lower level and there is no signs and obvious names pointed out.

At first, it was literally just like a dirty laundry due to the low ceilings, smallness of the main room and people overload.  The AC is obviously not enough. It took me 15 minutes to be able to breathe again.

However; the crowd, music and the proximity of people around you dancing away makes you feel very comfortable and forces you to be yourself. There is a live Dj playing mostly new electro, electro house, 80’s and funk jams. This is a place where everybody looses themselves to dance and they just groove with their own reality in the moment. It feels like none of these young Hollywood hipsters really care about what others are doing, wearing or talking. You can be just making out, drinking with your friends or dancing weirdly, and that’s totally the main concept.

The interior of the bar has a vintage style with a couple of different rooms but it is overly crowded on a Friday night. However, the drinks are definitely worth the wait! Even though LA has a number of talented bartenders, still, I haven’t yet drank any better Whiskey Sour than ‘7& Grand’ until I arrived to Dirty Laundry. The bartender really looked like he knew what he was doing and his Whiskey Sour was undoubtably one of the best I’ve ever had regardless of the number of people he was serving.

I can’t believe how a place I randomly walked into — even without knowing its name — ended up being one of the most energetic places I have let loose in for months. Definitely not for romantic dates, friendly discussions, or meeting with new mates. But a perfect place for free souls, best-friend dance-off’s, meeting with crazy people and actually a great observing platform for real Hollywood hipsters living on the edge. WILD!


1725 N Hudson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (Right near the ‘No Vacancy’)

What to wear?

‘No shiny shirts, baseball caps, tennis shoes or flip flops’ (Dirty Laundry)

I suggest everybody in LA to check out this place at least once preferably on a weekday (since weekends get pretty stuffy and crowded).

Houston Brothers

Dirty Laundry


Whiskey Sour… Yummmmm


Famous sign welcomes you


Bar area