Italian Taste and Hospitality in West Hollywood

Every family has a story and this is the story of the Dialog cafe family.

Once upon a time, there was a charming coffee shop located in West Hollywood’s famous Sunset Strip. People would mostly recognize this spot by its attention grabbing architecture and their ‘Infinity frameless windows’. After I learned about this building I realized it was designed by Rudolph Schindler who has a number of fascinating architectural works such as the ‘Kings Road House’ (aka. Schindler House), It is not a coincidence that the Dialog coffee is just blinking at you in the corner.

However the real reason why this coffee shop is twinkling is the family who is running the Dialog coffee shop since 2006. This Italian family shows very generous hospitality that makes you feel like it’s your own family’s or close friend’s business. I actually had chance to meet with the family and had a short conversation which gave me that warm fuzzy family feeling right away. I realized I appreciated it even more since, especially in West Hollywood, with the mixture of nationalities and personalities people often tend to forget about their roots.

In addition to great service and historical location, the coffee is unforgettably delicious. Their coffee is privately roasted fair trade varying from Ethiopian to Brazilian blends. They offer traditional coffees, espresso bar as well as their specialty flavors. For your mid-meal cravings, you can also find delicious and fresh pastries showcased by the espresso bar. This place can also be the perfect location for you to work with free wifi & multiple outlets, to hangout with your friends or just simply to get your daily dose of caffeine.

As far as the online rumors, celebrities sometimes stop by there too. For example, Harry Styles was spotted there last year around these times.



West Hollywood, Sunset Strip

8766 Holloway Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069


Street and metered parking

If you haven’t seen your family for a long time, or if you are from a different country like me and missed that friendly feeling stop by Dialog Cafe and satisfy your taste with a delicious coffee!

Dialog Cafe

Can’t Wait For The Summer!

Even though-with the rainy weather surrounding Los Angeles-it doesn’t look like summer is around the corner, it is always pleasurable to explore new beaches on the ‘West Coast’. Many Californians are already familiar with the fight between property owners by the beach and the public use of beaches. Since, the legal rights of Californians are being revealing recently, many LA natives have already started to discover ‘private’ coves. Particularly Malibu has been the biggest discussion since it hosts famous and rich people mostly and it contributes to 30% of the Los Angeles beaches. So recently, I made my way to Malibu as well and found my secret ‘private’ spot. It looked like it is a well discovered stretch of beach by many Malibu residents only.

Since I discovered there is no ‘all-private’ beaches in LA, I have been driving around Malibu and actually ended up finding the public access for Broad beach. It is located right after ‘Point Dume’ and right before ‘El Matador’ beach. Its entrance is a little hidden in compare to the other beach entrances right by the PCH. The entrance is on the private street, after a turn from the lights (Starbucks on the right side of PCH). Drive a bit on the street and you will see the gated entrance stating public beach access. The entrance leads to a long and amazing Malibu cove covered with million dollar homes. Even though some homeowners were annoying and not happy with the public’s existence there, it was still an enjoyable day at Malibu!

It is very important that all Californians are aware of their rights about this issue and they can enjoy all beaches without any disturbance. For that matter Jenny Price, an environmental writer, created an app called ‘Our Malibu Beaches‘ that you can access through app store and find out where are the public accesses on the map. Currently as far as state standards, there must be at least five access points for every mile. Even though this rule is not followed well, through this application and map you can easily find out where the secret hidden access points are and enjoy YOUR local beaches!

Can’t wait for the summer! I hope everyone gets to discover this amazing Broad beach and another special beach for themselves this summer!IMG_4102IMG_4103IMG_4105IMG_4111