New Bee ‘Maia’

Katana, Night+Market or Boa Steakhouse are already milestones on the Sunset strip. Especially in busy days sometimes it might be really hard to make reservations. As the weekend comes closer, I would like to add another glamorous choice for ‘WeHo’ lovers. The new, trendy, hot-spot at the Sunset strip is ‘Maia’!

Even though Maia is pretty new to the LA entertainment scene, it became a hot-spot really quick due to its nice and mingly patio. The crowd consists of LA hipsters and entertainment lovers just like most of the other restaurant/bars on the Sunset strip. It is most likely that you might run into your ex, close friend or coworker.

The main reason why I like Maia is the atmosphere and the crowd rather than the food and drinks. They serve fusion foods which include lobster quesadilla, Alaskan Halibut ceviche, albacore sashimi and even poke bites. They also have delicious and unique cocktails which are infused with jalapeños, Mezcal and high quality Reposado tequila. My favorite is the ‘pink Cadillac’dfghddfgnIMG_7483 which has vodka, lychee, dragon fruit, guava and green tea. Sounds interesting right? It has a very interesting taste also! Most people also like the “Mai Angeles” which has Anejo and avocados.

In addition to the drinks, to me, the U shaped bar and the little patio is more enjoyable than the drinks. Anyone who likes to hang out at bars and meet new people, get your favorite drink and have a little conversation with your friend, will surely LOVE the bar at the Maia.

In other words, if you are someone who likes to enjoy West Hollywood restaurant/bars on the weekends (including Thursdays too nowadays), if you are one of the entertainers in the LA scene and if you like cocktails more than foods, you should definitely stop by Maia while its still a trendy hot-spot.

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Black Angus

Meat lovers?

Here we go! Introducing the extremely delicious but not that famous Korean barbecue hotspot in Los Angeles! Most of us started getting accustomed to Korean BBQ by stumbling upon some mediocre quality restaurant in Koreatown. In time I learned that great Korean BBQ is not only about good quality meat but also the tastiness, freshness and variety of the side dishes. After loosing some time at cheap all you can eat buffets and trying chewy meats that tasted like plastic, my journey changed fully right after I went to ‘Chung Ki Wa’, aka ‘Korean Black Angus’.

This is a place where you almost feel like you are dining with family. Upon arrival your long lost Korean uncle is quickly guiding you on where to park in their compact parking spaces. As soon as you get in you realize that you are in an extremely traditional Korean restaurant since its popular amongst the local Korean population.

I mainly suggest everyone to try their Angus Galbi (marinated short ribs) and Joomooluck (beef short ribs). They also have family sized selections and variety of other Korean cuisine selections. However every time I visit Chung Ki Wa , I always eat their special Angus based barbecue. The main thing I love about Korean Barbecue is the fact that it comes with a variety of sides and each has a unique taste (also called “Banchan”).-It always reminds me of the Turkish cuisine I’m used to at home-. At Chung Ki Wa, you will find a great selection and keep mixing sweet and salty with your delicious meat right off the grill.  Or if you need help the wonderful server Kate will definitely show you how you should eat the foods in perfect harmony! Also don`t forget to get a bottle of Soju with your meal!

It has a pretty central location in the Mid-Wilshire area. Whether you work Downtown or party in West Hollywood, just stop by one evening and give it a try!

Chung Ki Wa


Most of you might have already heard or been to Petrossian since they are known for bringing a luxurious caviar experience to your table. However, I bet that not many people tried the Petrossian boutique at LAX, Tom Bradley International Terminal. What makes this Petrossian different from its other locations is the quickness of quality dining and the high quality champagne and vodka that can easily get you drunk right before your long trip to Europe or even further destinations.

Last week, I was traveling to Istanbul which is a 13 hour flight – I can already hear your sorrows for me-. Before the flight, I had a half an hour wait and that’s how I ended up at Petrossian. Petrossian is famous for it’s high quality caviar and fine selection of champagne throughout all of their locations. They also have other restaurant locations in New York, Los Angeles – West Hollywood and Las Vegas – Belaggio. In addition to restaurants they also have cafes and boutiques which are in New York, Los Angeles (West Hollywood and LAX), Paris, Brussels and Dubai. 

Even though I have already been to Petrossian West Hollywood, I think their LAX location is more convenient and relaxing. As soon as you pass the passport control, you can easily find the Petrossian boutique. With a friendly staff, tasty cocktails and high quality foods it offers, you can surely enjoy a comforting experience before your long trip. I had the Classic Smoked Salmon with caviar and a nice sparkling Rose. After the meal I continued with a special Petrossian cocktail which had dried caviar garnish on top. The drink was really nice except for the dried caviars in it.

Regardless, I think this is the best place in LAX international terminal. Even for one drink it’s surely a spot you need to check out. Just make sure not to miss your flight after having couple of delicious drinks and good time!


Hiking With Spectacular Scenery!

Just last year, I had a yoga modeling photoshoot scheduled at Tuna Canyon Park in Malibu,CA. It took a solid 3 hours to find a place that was relatively close in terms of distance. Hidden is an understatement! It is nowhere to be found unless you have specific directions. It is nestled between Malibu and the San Fernando Valley hills. The route there, gives you little preview as to what your’e in store for while driving along the roads with magnificent scenery of the Pacific ocean. So get ready to see the best view of your life!!

This hiking spot has the best scenery in Los Angeles according to many sources. I personally agree and I think this is a perfect place to do Yoga, read a book, relax and also hike. As you enter form the fire exit, the hiking splits in two directions/ways. One of them goes downward’s towards Malibu and the other route goes upwards towards a large empty area where you can see Downtown, Santa Monica and the Pacific ocean literally right in front of you .

Additionally, this hiking is dog friendly. In the weekdays, it is usually frequented by locals who are enjoying the wonderful view with their dogs and friends. Beware, navigation/google maps will let you down as there is rarely ever any reception in the mountains. It is important to map out your route and plan ahead so you don’t find yourself lost with no way out. During the weekends it is usually more crowded just like everywhere else in Los Angeles. Parking can also be more difficult in the weekends.

Upon arrival, I didn’t pay much attention to the location because I was already 2 hours late to my destination. I quickly proceeded to meet my cameraman and started my photoshoot. Shortly thereafter I started exploring the location by myself and was astonished by what I had found. This place became my meditation destination. This is definitely a spot that LA locals do not want tourists to crowd. A true gem!