Meat lovers?

Here we go! Introducing the extremely delicious but not that famous Korean barbecue hotspot in Los Angeles! Most of us started getting accustomed to Korean BBQ by stumbling upon some mediocre quality restaurant in Koreatown. In time I learned that great Korean BBQ is not only about good quality meat but also the tastiness, freshness and variety of the side dishes. After loosing some time at cheap all you can eat buffets and trying chewy meats that tasted like plastic, my journey changed fully right after I went to ‘Chung Ki Wa’, aka ‘Korean Black Angus’.

This is a place where you almost feel like you are dining with family. Upon arrival your long lost Korean uncle is quickly guiding you on where to park in their compact parking spaces. As soon as you get in you realize that you are in an extremely traditional Korean restaurant since its popular amongst the local Korean population.

I mainly suggest everyone to try their Angus Galbi (marinated short ribs) and Joomooluck (beef short ribs). They also have family sized selections and variety of other Korean cuisine selections. However every time I visit Chung Ki Wa , I always eat their special Angus based barbecue. The main thing I love about Korean Barbecue is the fact that it comes with a variety of sides and each has a unique taste (also called “Banchan”).-It always reminds me of the Turkish cuisine I’m used to at home-. At Chung Ki Wa, you will find a great selection and keep mixing sweet and salty with your delicious meat right off the grill.  Or if you need help the wonderful server Kate will definitely show you how you should eat the foods in perfect harmony! Also don`t forget to get a bottle of Soju with your meal!

It has a pretty central location in the Mid-Wilshire area. Whether you work Downtown or party in West Hollywood, just stop by one evening and give it a try!

Chung Ki Wa

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